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Beta Post

All right. Apparently the poll wasn't very popular, but at least it had clear results. So here is a beta-post.

Everyone who would like to be a beta for stories written for this community please comment on this post. Please in said comment write:

From which fandoms you can (and want to) check stories.
What kind of warnings and ratings you don't mind etc.
How would you prefer to be contacted by the writers wanting to ask you for a beta. (Can be e-mail or a suggestion to send you a message, or whatever else).

WARNING: It's post only for betas. You're not asking here for a beta, you contact one from betas that commented here. You contact said beta by a message/mail/whatever, not by responding to the posted here comment. If you have any questions about it: send a message to me.

I hope this post will be actually helpful and useful for you.

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