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Alex Krycek

Author: andrea_deer
Character: Alex Krycek
Fandom: X-Files

I wasn't supposed to write about Krycek this month! xD And I'm not really proud of those stories,
'cause they'r enot exactly showing how I really think about Krycek.
Still, I thought at least some of them are worth reading and that's why I post them all ^^
I just hope I'll manage to finish up the second answer to this months challenge
(about Scully this time), because I think I'll be more proud of that one. Anyway, enjoy! :)

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[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce


Prompts for April 2008

01. It Could Be You
02. Reputation
03. Trouble Lurking
04. Pride
05. Words
06. Do Not Disturb
07. Voice of Reason
08. Rehearsing for Failure
09. Oxygen
10. Illusion
11. Safety First
12. "Ernest Hemingway once wrote, 'The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.' I agree with the second part." - William Somerset (played by Morgan Freeman) in "Seven".
13. "Crash and Burn" - the prompt was inspired by Darren Hayes song title, but you don't have to be.

I hope more people will get inspired by this months prompts! Good luck, and lots of inspiration! ^__^
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Mod Post

Okay, no one voted for this option, but I'm afraid that making someone else post prompts if I won't be able to is the most reasonable thing to do. *shrugs*

So, the prompts wil be always here on 13th of every month. If I won't be able to post them (like this month) they'll be posted by femaleshinigami to who I send them earlier. 

Enjoy new prompts on Sunday! :)
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Alright, another quick question. Since my access to the internet is not ver reliable I decided to ask.

If I won't be able to post prompts on 13th, you'd prefer it to be:

posted a day earlier
posted a day later
posted by someone else
I have no opinion, but I wanted to say that I read it
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Beta Post

All right. Apparently the poll wasn't very popular, but at least it had clear results. So here is a beta-post.

Everyone who would like to be a beta for stories written for this community please comment on this post. Please in said comment write:

From which fandoms you can (and want to) check stories.
What kind of warnings and ratings you don't mind etc.
How would you prefer to be contacted by the writers wanting to ask you for a beta. (Can be e-mail or a suggestion to send you a message, or whatever else).

WARNING: It's post only for betas. You're not asking here for a beta, you contact one from betas that commented here. You contact said beta by a message/mail/whatever, not by responding to the posted here comment. If you have any questions about it: send a message to me.

I hope this post will be actually helpful and useful for you.

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Admin's Poll

Hello. Since I'm an lazy Admin and I don't like to think by myself I decided to share the idea with you and check what you think about it.

It's about beat-readers. I thought about making a post in which people who'd like to be betas could comment on with ways of contacting them. There would be no talking/discussing/commenting for dozens posts about what we want and like from beta etc. There would be no comments from persons that are looking for a beta.
Beta comments, says what kind of work she/he could check and eventually gives an e-mail to contact with her. Someone who'd like to work with said beta sends her a massage or an e-mail and they work things out between themselves.

It's a community for challenges so I'm not sure if I should start something like that here. The thought was just caused by the fact that I have some problems with finding a beta for my 13 stories, so I thought maybe you do too. Please, vote and comment if you'd like to say something more on this subject.

Poll #1155557 Admin's Poll #1

Shoul I write said post for betas?

It's your problem, why are you asking me?
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Prompts for March 2008

Prompts for March 2008.

01. Memory
02. Two Roads
03. Expectations
04. Perfect
05. Keeping a Secret
06. Eyes
07. Inner Child
08. Traps
09. Faith
10. Daydreams
11. Hunger
12. "It's not enough to do good; one must do it the right way." - John Viscount Morley, of Blackburn
13. "Any Day Now" (The prompt was inspired by an Elvis Presley's song, but you don't have to be.)

I hope this will inspire you somehow, enjoy and write a lot! ^_____~